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Fare estimate


Opt payment, save more with juGadee:

With juGadee, choose your way to make a payment either via cash or have your card automatically charged; when you reach your destination! Enjoy your ride with us and see how much you saved as compared to other taxis.


Tap a button, get with juGadee:

Choose your destination and set your location on your smartphone, we are only one tap away! You can see your driver’s location and can confirm him with a call.


Safety conscious juGadee:

Jugadee totally focuses on customers’ safety; before, during and after the ride. We ensure the drivers have followed all the rules and regulations of our organization. We always keep an eye on their driving records.
In case you need any helping hand, our support line service is available 24/7, just give us a call at 13000.

Receive a link to download your rider app via SMS or email!